About us

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"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. "

Henry Ford

The company was founded in 1997. Group of congenial that decided to establish a company consisting of three certificated engineers and three qualified fitters. Their goal was to work for themselves and for people, give priority to client and his/her needs. Company executives want their workers to preserve the good company name by quality work, professional services, and always remember that CLIENT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT!

Since company foundation, employees consistently accumulated experience and knowledge of manufacturing and installing of aluminum-glass structures. Currently, the company has grown to 18 people team. By observing the market trends and analyzing foreign experience, we expanded aluminum product range. In 2008 we became a certified company and got actively involved in renovation program for the apartment houses. During 3 years we participated in the renewal of 13 houses in Kaunas, Jonava, and Tauragė. In 2010 Intornas Ldt. balcony glazing products got the CE mark.

Intornas Ldt. products are already known to the Belarusian and Norwegian construction companies. Recently we have adopted Finnish company’s representative in our company. Various companies in Lithuania install our products. We also strive to work as a production company that is producing a range of structures according to the drawings from various clients (individuals or businesses). We buy only high quality manufacturing equipment and tools, because it and the qualification of employees have influence on work quality. Our company staff has not changed for 5 years, so everyone is a professional in their field.


We offer only the best

We manufacture and offer you the most modern glazing systems:

  • frame hinged, manufactured from aluminum profiles – windows are hinged in one or two directions;
  • frame sliding;
  • frameless tempered glass sliding;
  • frameless tempered glass sliding - opened.

We offer structures that are recommended and highly evaluated by our clients that are made of high quality materials and used as originals and reliable completing parts. We are trying to track all our business innovations and choose the best for our clients.


You can trust us

You can be sure that company’s “Intornas” specialists will listen carefully to clients’ wishes and take into account even subtle nuances. We are interested in our products quality and reliability. We have the opportunity to offer a reasonable price while maintaining quality.

And yet another advantage – we always try to meet the production deadlines. Over many years, we work with reliable companies of suppliers of raw material that allows us to maintain the quality and reliability of our products. We always offer the best price and glazing structure option.