Renovation projects

Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuanian issued the qualification certificate No. 5370 that gives our company the right to take part in public procurement competitions in a balconies renovation as contractors or subcontractors.

Houses, where our company has carried out renovation of balconies and glazing work under a unified system under the Renovation (modernization) of the apartment houses program during the years 2007-2013 (we participated in 19 renovation projects)::

Pilėnų g. 10, Akademija, Kauno raj.

Tako g. 5, Akademija, Kauno raj.

Ukmergės g. 11, Kaunas

Basanavičiaus g. 51, Kaunas

Naujakurių g.66, Kaunas

Volungės g. 4, Vilnius

Laisvės al.81, Kaunas

Vilniaus g. 45, Grigiškės

Energetikų g. 10, Šiauliai

Kudirkos 2, Naujoji Akmenė

V.Kreves 105, Kaunas

Kauno g. 13, Jonava 2013 m.

Kovo 11-osios g.63, Kaunas

Parko g. 5, Jonava 2013 m.

Prezidento g. 18, Jonava 2013 m.

Basanavičiaus g.9, Mažeikiai 2013 m.

Naujakurių g.68, 70, Kaunas 2012 m.

Ralio g. 10, Jonava 2010 m.

Vytauto pr. 37, Kaunas 2010 m.

V.Krėvės pr. 105, Kaunas 2010 m.

Pilėnų g. 4, Akademija, Kauno raj. 2009 m.

A.Kulviečio g. Nr. 15, Jonava 2009 m.

Kovo 11-osios g. 63, Kaunas 2009 m.

Prezidento g. 65, Tauragė 2009 m.


Taikos pr. 55, Kaunas 2009 m.

Kovo 11-osios g. Nr.106, Kaunas 2008 m.

Krėvės pr. 61, Kaunas 2008 m.


Kovo 11-osios g. 118, Kaunas 2007 m.

Kovo 11-osios g. 114, Kaunas 2008 m.

Since modernization program of the apartment houses has been renewed, we hope to be invited by construction organizations or chairmen of the communions. If modernization works take place in stages, we could also work in other facilities in various towns. We guarantee work quality, meeting the deadline, warranty maintenance, and pleasant resident service!