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Lithuanian people like balconies, especially glazed. They like the glazed terraces at their home. This is due to our climatic zone. Having bought a new apartment or a house, residents can see that rain, snow, temperature fluctuations erode the floors of the balconies and terraces; the space becomes comfortless, partially inoperative. Therefore, residents look for a solution – and the solution is glazing.

So, let us introduce Vizyon – the most advanced glazing system for balconies, terraces, loggias, gazebos. The system consists of aluminium frame and tempered glass, which both form a continuous glass wall. This system creates a comfortable and elegant environment, making it possible to use the room all year round.

The essence of frameless glazing is to create a transparent, light-emitting environment, protecting the external view of the building from unwanted additional vertical lines. We understand that this is particularly relevant for balcony spaces of new or renovated buildings. On a hot summer day, this fully-opening system does not turn the space into a greenhouse. All glasses are sliding and parked in one edge of the room; opened inside. So – no stress when cleaning them!

This system is distinguished from other similar in the market by its design and complete construction solutions that are invisible, yet very important for long-term operation and reliability of the system. The main profiles have a slightly convex shape that performs two functions: it gives the system extra strength and elegant design. Ends of glass doors of leaves are are covered with plastic parts, which gives completeness.

Sheets of tempered glass, with the help of wheels, easily slides through the frame profile in both sides. The wheels are of high quality, with closed type support bearings, which are protected from dirt and moisture. The design is such that all other glasses move around the frame guides and have the ability to rotate 90 degrees. Once the glasses have been brought to one side or the other, the balcony or loggia space can be fully opened.

Technical characteristics of the Vizyon system:

Material:  Aluminium-tempered glass

Glass thickness:  6; 8; 10 mm, tempered, clear, tinted

Colours and colouring:  RAL colour catalogue, powder-coated

Colour of fittings:   Black

Maximum width of glass panels:  650 mm

Maximum height of glass panels:  2800 mm