This is the glazing of balconies using sliding or opening aluminium-glass structures. They are suitable for glazing of balconies, terraces, pavilions, arbours, outdoor cafés. These structures are also suitable when you want to separate rooms, cover other home spaces, such as vaults, attics. More:

Features and advantages of the system:


  • Since it is equipped a locking option, the system is sealed, lightweight, and secure.
  • It is possible to glaze the balcony of any configuration.
  • System windows move freely in two directions.
  • Possibility of insect grating.
  • 2, 3 and 4-slide sliding systems.
  • Profiles are powder-coated, so they will not require re-painting during the service life.
  • When cleaning, it is not necessary to climb high; it is possible to move the moving parts and, after cleaning, reinsert them into the frame –
  • the quality which reduces the probability of injuries.
  • The system is characterized by optimum design cost, reliability, long service life.
  • It is especially suited to our climate, since aluminium is not temperature-sensitive.
  • To prevent condensation from reaching the inside of the balcony, there is an additional condensate collecting groove, where water is drained and then directed to the outside.


Balconies are often glazed with the system with opening windows; side windows are manufactured with air vents, which makes it possible to ventilate the rooms safely on the first floors of the house.