Comfortable and modern terraces at your home are not new or luxury elements. In our climate zone, most homeowners treat a glazed terrace as a necessity.

Terraces are glazed with frame or frameless sliding aluminium structures. Which system best suits you depends on your dedicated-for-this-purpose budget and the desired aesthetic effect. The frame system perfectly acts as the protection against wind, rain, snow; it is easier to install and is distinguished by a good price/quality ratio.

The frameless system is more expensive, yet more aesthetically attractive. It works best when you want to preserve the image beyond the window, a beautiful natural scenery. Vizyon is a perfect solution for this purpose, it is the most up-to-date system on the market, complete in design and reliable, as it does not contain cheap plastic parts. Bearing rollers ensure good glass sliding, a reliable drainage system. Spaces between the glazing elements ensure self-ventilation of the room.