“Vizija” is one of the most modern glazing systems for balconies, terraces,
loggias and pergolas.


The system stands out from its counterparts on the market due to its design and its complete structural solutions, which are not visible from the outside.


Innovative system solutions enable year-round use and ensure its long-term operation and reliability.


The panes are moved in the frame guides and have the ability to rotate by 90°. The balcony or loggia also can be opened 100%, by moving the glass panes to the side.

Technical characteristics of the Vizyon system


Aluminum-tempered glass

Glass thicknesses

6 mm; 8 mm; 10 mm

Tempered transparent, tinted

Colors and painting

RAL color catalog, powder

Colour of the fittings


Maximum width of the glass pane

650 mm

Maximum height of the glass pane

2800 mm

Terrace glazing

Balcony glazing